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News Coverage

Being interviewed for this study is not something that I necessarily expected to happen while I was still collecting data, but I had the pleasure of talking with Noel Baker from the Irish Examiner in October 2017 as part of my giving a presentation at the Children in Care Research Forum that is hosted biannually by the School of Social Work & Social Policy in Trinity College Dublin.

If you’re interested in the article, you can read it here. Ever the researcher, I tried to make the nuance and complex nature of this topic clear, there tends to be a process of simplification and generalization involved in the translation to public knowledge. Feel free to let me know what you think about the news coverage!

Study Update

Phase One Update

Recruitment for the study ended in July 2017. A total of 16 young people chose to take part in the study, and all have indicated that they would be happy to be contacted for follow up interviews over the next year.

Follow-up interviews will take place in two more stages between the end of August 2017 and end of June 2018 (Phase 2 = 8/17-12/17 and Phase 3 = 2/18-6/18). As noted elsewhere on this site, young people will have the opportunity to document their lives through art, journaling, or photography over the study period.

Now that recruitment has ended, I have had the opportunity to draw up a brief document outlining information about the sample and some preliminary interpretations of the interviews. If you are interested in learning more about the young people working in this study and the practice feedback that I have discovered, please read the briefing document for Phase One.


International Postgraduate Research Conference May 2017

I presented at the International Postgraduate Research Conference hosted in May 2017 by the Graduate Students’ Union of Trinity College Dublin. The conference pulled together postgraduate researchers from across the university and internationally to present works from a variety of disciplines for 5 pillars (topics):

  1. Policy within an international framework (the one I presented in)
  2. Social and institutional policy
  3. Environmental sustainability, advancements in technology and the human right to sustainable environment
  4. Internationalization of Education
  5. Future opportunities for early career researchers

I developed an overview presentation of Irish Aftercare Policy (available for download) using the framework of the UN Conventions on the Rights of the Child to guide the review and compare Irish developments to a few peer nations (i.e. UK, USA, Australia, Spain, and Sweden).


Attending Conferences

While this project is part of my doctoral research, I also plan to write papers, give presentations, and present posters to a variety of audiences. Last weekend I presented a poster at a conference hosted by the Childhood and Youth Studies Network at the University of Edinburgh.

(poster for download: YPT-Conference_April-2017_Natalie-Glynn)

I will also be giving a presentation on 6 May at the upcoming International Postgraduate Research Conference hosted by the GSU at Trinity College Dublin. That presentation will focus on Irish Aftercare policy while also providing context on international aftercare developments. I’ll update the website with that presentation after 6 May 2017.